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Meet Bess Gala

Jazz Ain't Dead® Performs at the Anne Brown
Film Documentary "Meet Bess" Benefit Performance

What inspired our concept production, Jazz Ain't Dead Celebrates the Legacy of Gershwin's Porgy & Bess, was the Anne Brown documentary "Meet Bess" film Benefit performance presented at the Sage Theater in Times Square, NYC. Choreographer Candice Michelle Franklin and her partner, Victor Reddick, along with rehearsal assisant, Andrea Colobufo, introduced the world to Jazz Ain't Dead's first version of Summertime "Burlesque" and a contemporary version of Porgy and Bess' A Woman is a Sometime Thing. Hosted by film star, Lonnette McKee, with performances by the Brown Girls Burlesque, this show turned out to be a magical night...

All Photography by Vishnu Hoff