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Jazz Ain't Dead is proud to
be a part of spearheading a renewed interest into the music of the Jazz world. By introducing today's youth and young adults to the classic songs of Jazz through the energy of pop culture, dance, videos, new media, and social networking, JAZZ AIN'T DEAD is able to promote our great jazz songs of the past, keeping them relevant in the minds of young audiences in hopes that these classics will continue to be appreciated by the young as they age. JAZZ AIN'T DEAD produces several concert concepts to achieve this initiative as well as provide classes and workshops.

Jazz Ain't Dead® offers an array of opportunities to interact one-on-one with the talented musicians, dancers, singers, and poet that make up the collective of Jazz Ain't Dead.  Many of the performers work as professional teaching artists for AND outside of Jazz Ain't Dead within their respective field.  Because of this, we are excited to offer classes inspired by Jazz Ain't Dead repertory in Nu Jazz dance and music at all levels to groups, companies, arts & culture organizations, hospitals, schools, conservatories, and universities.

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