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Bowery Poetry Club

Mo Beasley's UrbanErotika at Bowery Poetry Club
Jazz Ain't Dead® Performs a Nina Simone Tribute
June 19, 2010

This is like the WORSE shot video EVER. since the cameraman from the light booth never bothered to shoot the dancers on the floor. However, we are posting just for documentation purposes only. You really had to be in the audience to get the full effect of the nuances of this piece.

In this video, Jazz Ain't Dead with our singer, Diandra Patrick, performs a quick Nina Simone tribute at Bowery Poetry Club for Mo Beasley's UrbanErotika.

UrbanErotika -Hosted by Mo Beasley

Program features two songs made even more famous by Nina Simone:
"I Put a Spell on You" -sung by Diandra Patrick 
Original Composition by Screamin' Jay Hawkins

"My Man's Gone Now" - Excerpt featured in Jazz Ain't Dead's Celebrating the Legacy of Porgy & Bess 
Original Composition by George Gershwin
Choreography by Candice M. Franklin
Vocals: Diandra Patrick
Dancers: Carmen Carriker and Shakirah Stewart

Mo Beasley's UrbanErotika at BAM Cafe
Jazz Ain't Dead® Performs "Black Panties," February 11, 2012
Teaser Video

Spoken Word by Mo Beasley  
Dancers:  Ashley Chavonne McGill, Samantha Berger, & Shelley McLaughlin
Music by The Chakachas