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Consider Jazz Ain't Dead®
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Programming and CONCERT Calendar
Next Season!

Jazz Ain't Dead® is looking for additional performance opportunities to further conduct our educational mini-concerts and lecture demonstration versions of Jazz Ain’t Dead® and to present our evening-length productions for our 2013 season. We would love to be a part of the educational offerings particularly produced by cultural and performing arts centers as well as opportunities that bring our production additional concerts halls around the U.S. and abroad.

Who is Jazz Ain't Dead®?  We are a live music and dance production group that performs Jazz and Urban jazz soul with live musicians, live singers, live dancers, spoken word performers and tap artists and a live DJ. Musically, we play straight ahead, contemporary and Nu Jazz, but we are also more known for taking classic jazz standards and re-imagining them into house, acid jazz, funk and soul. All music is structured specifically for dance focusing on old, modern, and current JAZZ DANCE styles and it’s derivatives including Musical Theater, Traditional Jazz, Afro-soul and Latin Jazz, Neo-Contemporary Soul Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Funk Fusion Jazz, East Indian/Bollywood jazz, Commercial jazz, Boogie Woogie, and Swing.
Program Descriptions
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Current Full-Evening Length Sets:
    1. The JAD Lounge (Soul, Contemporary, and Nu-jazz) [TRT: 50 minutes] -CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
    2. Straight, No Chaser (Straight Ahead Jazz and Musical Theater) [TRT: 65 minutes] -CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO  
    3. Jazz Ain’t Dead Celebrates the Legacy of George Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess (10 P&B favorites re-imagined into House, Funk, Blues, Acid Jazz and Soul) [TRT: 55 minutes].  -CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

In Production (ETA: Fall 2013):
  1. Jazz Ain’t Dead: The Big Easy  -A Tribute to New Orleans music (Pop songs and New Original Compositions in the style of New Orleans Jazz and Zydeco plus Classic NOLA/“2nd Line” songs re-imagined)
  2. Jazz Ain’t Dead: Jazz Caliente! –Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz with Axel Tosca and Jazz Ain’t Dead®

Other Presentations/Music, Dance & Spoken Word:

  1. UrbanErotika Juke Joint:  Jazz Ain't Dead® partnerships with Mo Beasley's UrbanErotika where select dancers and musicians perform  Blues to the saucy poetry stylings of Mo Beasley and other guest artists.  [TRT:  60 - 80 minutes]
  2. Black Love with Mo Beasley, Maritri Garrett, and Candice Michelle Franklin -Intimate performance collaboration of music, dance, and spoken word.  Some moments are set and some completely unscripted, but combines the beautiful talents of these three artists up-close and personal.  [TRT: 60-70 minutes]

For Children:

  • Mini Concert/Lecture Demonstration:  Invite Jazz Ain't Dead to perform at your school or organization.   Mini concert is completely designed for kids, using fun songs from beloved characters from the Muppets to famous cartoons!  Show is interactive where kids get to sing, scat, improvise dance and tap and are accompanied by performances by the dance artists, singers, and musicians from the show, Jazz Ain't Dead®.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.  [TRT: 45 - 60 minutes]
  • Kids Dance Classes with Jazz Ain't Dead®:  Available upon request and through non-profit organization

Master Classes & Workshops for Non-professional, Professional and Pre-Professional Dancers and Musicians

  1. The Jazz Ain't Dead® Experience:  Open Level Jazz Class for non-professional groups such as children, religious groups, university clubs, fraternity and sororities, seniors, music students, dance enthusiasts, and other non-professional dancers.  This class welcomes all levels focusing on traditional jazz dance moves and fun jazz dance fitness and is accompanied by live jazz musicians and singers from Jazz Ain't Dead®.  [Class TRT: 45 min. - 1 hour]
  2. Neo-Contemporary Soul Jazz Class with live Jazz Music: Full Class with Warm-up, Jazz Technique, & Jazz Ain’t Dead® Repertory accompanied by musicians from Jazz Ain't Dead® [Master Class TRT: 1 1/2 – 2 hours]
  3. Jazz Ain't Dead® Dance Artist WorkshopStudies in Jazz Improvisation & Improvised Styling as a Jazz Dance Artist with live Jazz Band –includes theory and approach to performing straight ahead and contemporary jazz music for the jazz dance artist, music theory, ear training, studies in African American Jazz traditions of call-and-response and improvisation, and exercises in the re-interpretation of choreographed phrases with performance of dance combo.  Class is led by dancers and a lead JAD musician and is accompanied by a quartet of musicians from Jazz Ain't Dead® and a vocalist.  Recommended for dance students from middle school through collegiate level and graded conservatory institutions.  Also can be tailored as an adult workshop for pre-professional and professional dancers leveled either at advanced beginning or intermediate/advance.  [Workshop TRT: 2 hours]
  4. Jazz Ain't Dead® Music ClinicThe Art of Re-imaging the Classical Jazz Standard - Jazz Ain't Dead® is known for re-imagining the classic jazz standard and performing it in a fusion of House, Latin, Acid Jazz, Funk, and Soul.  Led by a lead musician from the Jazz Ain't Dead® band, this fun clinic is designed for music students to explore techniques used in creating the music for the Jazz Ain't Dead® production and to apply these techniques on-the-spot during the class.   Instructor will give theory and approach in re-igniting the Jazz Standard including improvisation and styling, then provide examples using fun mash-ups, rhythms, and beats from Latin and House to Funk to Hip Hop.  Music students will be given time to practice these genre bending stylings and will be given the opportunity to learn music from the show, Jazz Ain't Dead®!  Recommended for student bands and music students from middle school through collegiate level and graded conservatory institutions.  For institutions with both music AND dance departments, clinic can be combined with the Jazz Ain't Dead® Dance Artist Workshop that will culminate in an in-class performance of both music and dance students performing a song simultaneously together.  [Class TRT:  2 - 2 1/2 Hours]

Social Sets:

  1. Line Dancing with Jazz Ain't Dead®!  -Patrons fill the dance floor for two to three sets of continuous music performed by the Jazz Ain't Dead® band with a floor show or short dance interludes intermittently performed throughout the evening.  Music list prepared specifically for "Steppers" by region (please request songs ahead of time).  DJ spins during breaks.  [TRT: 3 Hours]
  2. Open Mic with Jazz Ain't Dead®!  -Have JAD host your open mic.  Guest can dance, sing, spit some poetry, or bring their own instruments and jam with our dancers and musicians for a completely unscripted, fun-filled evening.  Whether it's a night of spoken word, music, or song, performers from Jazz Ain't Dead can jump start the evening with a few selections from our shows, then open the floor for your guest to show off their skills accompanied by our live band!  
  3. Fundraisers, Gala, & Dinner Entertainment provided by Jazz Ain't Dead®:   Engagement can consist of light instrumental pre-festivity/cocktail music, two to to three 50 minute sets back to back with floor shows as the entertainment for the entire evening and/or provide and dance tunes from pop, to R&B, to Latin, to Big Band Swing performed by our band for your patrons to dance the night away.
  • Dinner Show -Floor Show consists of selections from our classic Jazz, musical theater repertory, and/or our nu-jazz contemporary/soul style productions and features the Jazz Ain't Dead Band, Singers, Tap, and Jazz Dance Artists
  • Patron Dancing -Continuous Music from top 40, to R&B, to Latin, to Swing sung live.  JAD DJ spins during break.
  • Cocktail Music - Jazz Ain't Dead can provide light cocktail music with just a jazz trio and possibly singer before the major festivities of the evening begins, or perform something more fun like a "song and dance man" performing show tunes.


School Mini-Concert/Lecture Demonstration
Using a selected mix of classic Jazz songs through its current contemporary evolution, Jazz Ain't Dead® performs a completely narrated school show/mini concert accessible to young people that's ideal for Black History month, Diversity, and/or Cultural Arts Appreciation assemblies.   For example, we take the 1920’s standard “Black Bird” best known as a theatre jazz piece and perform it as a high energy classic standard swing, then demonstrate how jazz is used with loveable child-friendly characters like Tom & Jerry and the Muppets by performing such fun songs as Louis Jordan’s, “Is You Is and Is You Ain’t My Baby” and the classic Muppet tune “Mahna Mahna” in which we interact with the kids with call and response then later asking the children to be volunteers to SCAT and DANCE, giving an interactive exercise in jazz improvisation skills. We follow by taking “Summertime” from the opera of Porgy and Bess, showing it played as classical jazz, then revving up the tempo into a big house/jazz song.   This presentation is fun for both parents and children as the kids enjoy the interaction of the dance artists and the band while the parents and/or teachers are sweetly reminded of cherished childhood memories.  See detailed description below.  [TRT:  45 Minutes]

Jazz Ain’t Dead® Interactive School Presentation Proposal  [TRT: 45 Minutes]:
  • Jazz History -Jazz Ain’t Dead® will present a brief, narrated history of Jazz and it’s roots in the African American community beginning with slave works songs of “call-and-response” done in the plantation fields to its transfer to the Black churches as negro spirituals followed by it’s re-sampling of the same rhythms as day-to-day commentary of the African American community known as “The Blues” and moving on to its later constructs of Swing.
  • Swing -Performances will include a sample of a Jazz Standard such as a Swing version of “Black Bird” to be danced and sung live with live band.
  • Blues -For Blues, the dancers and singers will present a fun tune such as Louis Jordan’s “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby” while making reference to the version created by the cartoon “Tom & Jerry.”
  • Call & Response –"Call & Response" is a music construct found often in the roots of African American-made music and early forms of Jazz.  In honor of this tradition, our Tap Artist will perform an exhilarating, funky improvised number with our live band while rousing the crowd to “call & response.” In this lively set, band members vibe-out together completely unscripted and showing off with their own jam solos. Click Here for video of Tap Jam.
  • Scatting & Studies in Jazz Dance Improvisation –In this very interactive exercise, Jazz Ain’t Dead® leads the audience in a fun tune made famous by The Muppets called “Mahna Mahna” (Doot Dooo Da Do Do) in which our singer sings the chorus and the audience are asked to scat. After our professional performers give examples of scatting, improvisational dancing, and improving on a horn, a performer (just like Oprah) walks through the audience with a wireless microphone looking for children who can sound like a trombone or bass to scat on cue into microphone. Future dancers of America are asked to volunteer and come onto the stage to improv dance.
  • Nu-Jazz –Jazz Ain’t Dead is known for taking classic jazz standards and re-imagining them into house, funk, and soul. To demonstrate this, Jazz Ain’t Dead will take George Gershwin’s classic song “Summertime” from Porgy & Bess, play it as a jazz standard accompanied by a very lovely danced duet, then will drop the downbeat with a live, high-energy, house version of "Summertime" with the whole cast. Click Here for Video of Summertime House.
Grades Pre-K – 4
Will perform the show as noted above
Grades 5 – 8
Will interchange The Blues with a number that exhibits a little more maturity like “Fever.”
Grades 9 – 12
Will give an un-narrated mini-concert with dance and spoken word selections.  Including “Fever,” Black Bird,” “Copper Colored Gal,” “Zombie Blues,” “Love Poem,” “My Funny Valentine,” “Overjoyed,” “Tap Jam,” “Summertime House” Click Here for Video of a “Pop Up” Senior Show we did for JazzMobile -(TRT: 70 minutes)

PS 87 School Testimonial
Upper West Side, Manhattan, 160, West 78th Street, New York City

February 29, 2012

Dear Candice,

On behalf of the PS 87 Parents Association, we'd like to thank you for bringing your amazing ensemble to our school this morning and treating our students to two wonderful performances.

We were absolutely wowed by the great skill, beauty, energy and joy of all the performers. This was an assembly the students (and teachers and us parents) will not soon forget. It was enriching, moving, and fun!

Please convey our deepest appreciation to all of your stellar dancers and musicians. I , for one, will never hear "Black Bird," "Manah Manah," or "Summertime" again without thinking of Jazz Ain't Dead!

All the best,


PS 87 Parents Association

Highlight Montage from JAD's Full-Length Show:

Jazz Ain't Dead®
Celebrates the Legacy of George Gershwin's Porgy & Bess
Choreography by Candice Michelle Franklin
Music Direction by Lafayette Harris, Jr.
Click Here for EPK

Click Here for Full-Length Videos
(Live House JAD Style)
Billie Jean
My Funny Valentine
My Man's Gone Now
Portuguese Love

Minimum Cast:
6-7 Jazz Dance Artists
1 Tap Dance Artist
1 Spoken Word Poet (May be performed without)
1- Singer
4- Piece Band consists of a minimum piano, bass, and drum, and horn player 

Maximum Cast:
10 Jazz Dance Artists
1 Spoken Word Poet/MC
1 Tap Dance Artist
1 Male Singer
2 Female Singers
8-Piece Band (piano, bass, drum, congas, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, keys)
Multimedia Artist
Technical Needs:  In-house back-line including drum kit preferred otherwise -Three Boom Mic Stands, Two Straight mic stands, Four music stands, Four wired microphones for instruments, Two wireless microphones for singers. Bass Amp and Keyboard Amp.  Two Performance Stools.  If there is an acoustic piano available, amps for bass and keys are not needed and microphones may possibly be reduced to a minimum of two.  Sound Technician for large halls (can be provided by JAD or producer).

Maximum Technical Needs:  Depends on venue and production presented


Consider Jazz Ain't Dead® for Your Next
Gala or Performing Art Center Fundraiser!

We are prepared at any time to perform anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours of dance with music in both non-traditional spaces such as ballrooms, museums, and reception halls and traditional proscenium stages.  Due to the nature of our music and ability to play any Jazz, Soul, or Latin Jazz selection, we can also be considered as entertainment for Galas providing music during cocktails, a full dinner show complete with singers and dancers, and upbeat dance floor music of either Swing, Latin, or Pop favorites for patron dancing.  Our DJ can also be made available.

See Bios Below......

Jazz Ain't Dead® Production Bio

Produced by Candice Michelle Franklin, Jazz Ain't Dead® is a young urban jazz music and dance collective that performs house, acid, funk, and soul songs with an urban jazz sensibility. Featuring live dancers, singers, musicians, and live DJ, Jazz Ain't Dead's signature sound is taking popular classical jazz standards and re-igniting them into house, acid jazz, funk, and soul. Also in repertory are contemporary and Nu Jazz covers, original works, and straight-ahead classics. 

Jazz Ain’t Dead’s principle music arrangements are composed by Chris Rob, musical director for John Legend's Get Lifted tour, musical arranger for Kanye West's album among others, and current musical director and album producer for Roberta Flack.  Additional music arrangements are by jazz pianist, Lenny Underwood (Whitney Houston, Madonna, Common, Faith Evans), Donald Hayes (Beyonce, Usher, Chaka Kahn, Stevie Wonder), and Marcus Bell/Bellringer Productions (Def Jam, Interscope, Warner Brothers, MCA, Sony, Virgin Records, Arista), with Mansa Gory (Horn Arrangements for JAD).  Choreographer for Jazz Ain’t Dead® is Candice Michelle Franklin (SHAKTI, BLACK TAXI, BRASCO, MACY GRAY).  Musical Director for Jazz Ain’t Dead® is Lafayette Harris (Broadway Musical Director for Color Purple and Broadway's Bring in da' Noise, Bring in da' Funk).

Jazz Ain’t Dead® has performed at the Apollo, MTV’s Live Listen to the Beat Series, BAM Cafe, Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, Jazzmobile, Harlem Shrines Jazz Festival, Joyce SoHo, the Iridium Jazz Club, the Paradise Theater, the Kumble Theater, Dixon Place, John Jay College, the Bowery Poetry Club, Southpaw, DNA, Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, Jordan’s Lounge, Sage Theater, The Player’s Club, Rush Arts Gallery, Therapy Bar, and other live music clubs as well as numerous private events and galas. Jazz Ain’t Dead® also partners with Mo Beasley’s UrbanErotika, lending musicians and dancers for their monthly UrbanErotika Juke Joint series, performing choreographed features with poets and live music as well as non-choreographed/unscripted, completely improvised jam sessions for both dancer and musician. During the Summer, Jazz Ain't Dead dance artists teach for the Joffrey Ballet Jazz and Contemporary Summer Dance Intensive and, during the year, choreographer, Candice Michelle Franklin, is on faculty teaching advanced jazz to their elite dancers in the pre-professional trainee program. In addition, Jazz Ain’t Dead® has shared its love of dance with the community by teaching the art of Jazz dance to elementary school-aged children, through Ready, Set, Learn, LLC, a summer day camp and after school program providing free to low- cost activities for children living in the Bronx Housing projects of New York City.  In the future, Jazz Ain’t Dead® hopes to extend our commitment to community programs like Ready, Set, Learn by providing music lessons as well.

About the Choreographer

Originally from St. Louis, MO, Candice Michelle Franklin is a New York based professional dancer, choreographer, and producer who has been seen in numerous film, TV shows, music videos, industrials, and, of course, on the live stage performing in plays and dance companies.  She owns Dance Industrial Professionals, Inc./The Pro DANZ Group in which she oversees the dance and creative direction of several performance groups, industrials, and stage shows. Her work has been performed in a host of New York venues including The Kumble Theater, BAM Cafe, and Joyce SoHo, as well as numerous casinos on the east coast such as Turning Stone, the Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Trump, Tropicana, Borgata, and Caesar’s.  Most recently, her choreography work has been seen in the WEBBY-nominated music video for the rock band Black Taxi called “Shoeshine” and in the gospel stage play, Blest Be the Tide, performed at Aaron Davis Hall in New York City.  Currently, she teaches Advanced Jazz at The Joffrey Ballet School in the Jazz and Contemporary department to their elite professional bound trainee program and works as the producer and choreographer for Jazz Ain't Dead.  Moreover, she is Head Choreographer for CEG Productions LLC, is choreographer for the 80's Girl Group, Buffalo Stance, and serves as choreographer for a number of recording artists including internationally celebrated Bollywood Hip hop artist, SHAKTI, the rapper BRASCO, and for the live stage show for Grammy award winning recording artist, Macy Gray.  Miss Franklin is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and is represented by DDO Artists New York City. 

Click Here for C.V.
Click Here for Videos
Click Below for Choreography Recommendation Letters:

Randy Thomas
, Universal Music Group (Jazz & Contemporary Music Label Executive)
Beverly Fish
, CEG Productions, LLC (Live Music and Dance Event Corporation)
Adam Hootnick
, Resonance Interactive (Music Video Film Director/Film Production Company)
Lafayette Harris, Jr.
, Pianist (Major Jazz Recording Artist and Music Director of Bring in Da' Noise/Funk)
, Internationally Celebrated Bollywood Hip Hop Recording Artist
Michael Blake, Director of Jazz and Contemporary at Joffrey Ballet School (Testimonial of Choreography/Instruction)
PS 87
, Testimonial of Student Lecture Demonstration

About the Music Director

Known as the “go to” pianist by other musicians and band leaders, Lafayette Harris,Jr. has performed with the Duke Ellington Legacy Orchestra, toured for seven years with Max Roach, and has worked with Al Grey, John Gordon, Slide Hampton, Curtis Fuller, Roswell Rudd, Chico Freeman, and Cindy Blackman, Allan Harris and many others. Lafayette’s two most recent albums are “IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT,” a contemporary funk/fusion project, which was released in 2006 and most recently “TRIO TALK,” a jazz trio outing featuring Winard Harper and Dwayne Dolphin. His breakthrough gig was as a conductor and keyboardist for the smash hit, Bring In 'Da Noise, Bring In 'Da Funk. Harris has since been involved with more Broadway shows including The Full Monty, Ride Down Mt. Morgan, Kat And The Kings, and The Color Purple. Mr. Harris currently tours Europe and the U.S. with four time Grammy nominee-Ernestine Anderson.

Click here for the website of Lafayette Harris Jr. at

To download music and/or purchase CD's of Lafayette Harris, Jr., click here.